EMC, ENV (Climate, Mechanical) and LVD/MDD (Product Safety) test lab


Compliant testing

The Blue Guide EMC lab is fully compliant. All tests and measurements on your apparatus,...

Pre-compliant testing

Pre-compliant testing is also possible. For instance, when the customer is already conscious that the...

Debug corner

The designer can use a “debug corner”, an experimental environment with the necessary measurement tools...

Advice and support

Besides measurements, we also offer advice and know-how. In the case a designer is looking...


EMC, LVD/MDD (Product Safety) and ENV (Climate, Mechanical) test lab

The Blue Guide EMC lab is an ISO 17025 accredited testlab (BELAC 082-TEST) for EMC and LVD (Product safety) and Environmental tests. The measurements are executed conform to the standards. The reports are compliant with the BELAC (FOD Economy) accreditation. Those reports allow you to apply the CE-Mark to your products and issue a EU-Declaration of Conformity.. Besides full compliant testing, the lab can also perform pre-compliant testing (quick scans or engineering measurements) during the development or check the influence of optimizations. By doing so your product will be well prepared for the final CE certification. If products suffer from problems, our specialists can give advice in order to find the cause of these problems and to come to a solution in our debug corner.

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