A clear mission

The mission of the Blue Guide EMC lab is to supply services and support in the field of EMC and LVD (product safety). We want to offer our customers a full support to put their products on the market as quick, safe and reliable as possible.

What kind of services and support do we offer:

  • Accredited (BELAC 082-TEST) EMC and LVD (Product safety) testing in accordance with the European and FCC standards
  • Advice regarding the cause of possible EMC and LVD (Product safety) problems and support concerning its solutions
  • Cost efficient pre-compliant partial testing, to check the influence of the optimizations
  • Schooling and training in the EMC issues
  • Well-maintained and up-to-date measurement equipment
  • Trained and competent staff working according to a validated quality system

What kind of EMC tests do we perform:

  • Conducted emission
  • Radiated emission
  • Immunity (radiated, discharge, input immunity)
  • Flicker and LF harmonics, transient tests (automotive)

What kind of LVD (Product safety) tests do we perform:

  • leakage current measurement
  • insulation test
  • assessment of product markings
    – assessment of clearance and creepage distances
    – assessment of the construction
    – earth continuity test
    – assessment of manuals

What kind of clients do we aim at:

  • Machine builders
  • Electronic development departments
  • Importers of consumer products
  • Automotive components and systems

Safe and reliable for:

  • All issues concerning EMC and LVD (product safety) standards

BGEMC has product experience for the following markets:

  • Focus on the European market (but also on the American and Canadian market)
  • Not limited to certain sectors
  • Support of the customer for the analysis of the standards applicable to his application and his market