The Blue Guide EMC lab: accredited as:

  1. ‘Technical service’ for the Federal Government Service Mobility and Transport, for the execution of EMC measurements following the agreement “E/ECE/324/Add.9” (“E” markering) for vehicles and spare parts. Acquisition of approval of E marking.
  2. Accredited lab according to the requirements of the standard ISO 17025 of the Federal Government Service Economics for testing following the essential demands in the EMC and LVD (Product safety) directives
  3. Conformity lab following the agreements concerning mutual recognition (MRA) between the European Community and the USA.
  4. EMC and LVD (Product safety) lab executing measurements on demand of the National Authorities. Market control is the responsibility of the National Authorities.
  5. EMC lab executing measurements following the essential elements in Radio Equipment Directive (RED) (also check the basic standards mentioned in our scope of accreditation).
  6. Lab executing test and measurements in accordance with the Low Voltage directive.


BELAC Certificate-EN